Custom Software Development

Technologies we work on

We work on different technology suites based on nature of requirements to individual business.

Java Script: We write and develop custom project file systems, core network and sockets, Middleware network – publish & subscribe, request & response, and pull & push, Data and Database management, Web service and Web application, Business logic’s, UI/UX, and User management and Security.We do above mentioned work for the following segments,

  • Backend – Node.js.
  • Frontend – Vue.js, Angular.js, React.js….Others.
  • Progressive Web App.
  • Cache and Cookies management.
  • Internet of Thing.
  • Mobile.
  • Robotics.

Our written codes are optimal, quality controllable, testable, and maintainable.

Python: We write and development codes for Data management, Web scrapping and crawling, and web applications – DJango and Flask.

  • Data management: We use numpy, scipy, pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, .. others for data management work.
  • Web scrapping and crawling: We use beautifulsoup python package for web scrapping and extracting data points on the webpages.
  • Web applications: Core python web application development that includes creation of model, view, and template. We develop python based UI/UX, and User management and Security.

Container: We create and manage virtual operating system as individual environment for specific application. We utilize Dockers, Amazon ECS, and Amazon ECR. We use Kubernetes for managing clusters of containers.

DevOps: We help clients to set up DevOps framework as per their underlying technology suite. We create pipeline for development,deployment, and monitoring. The developed pipeline work in continues integration (CI) and continues deployment(CD). We have implemented CI and CD on Amazon cloud by utilizing Amazon CI/CD with code pipe line. We have also implemented CI/CD with Docker, Kubernetes, and Travis CI/CD.

Machine Learning project logistic management: We create logistics for machine learning project in its project life cycles. We create logistics in planing, designing, Data engineering, Experimenting, Optimizing, Deploying, Monitoring, and Refreshing. Our logistics take care of the following expectations,

  • Support A/B testing.
  • Script Experiments.
  • Support measuring and evaluating model performances.
    • Accuracy.
    • Weighted (Cost-Sensitive) Accuracy.
    • Lift.
    • ROC (ROC Area).
    • Precision/Recall (F value and Break Even Point).
    • Similarity of Various Performance Metrics via MDS (Multi-Dimensional Scaling).
  • Fast deployment and adaptive to business needs.

Our developed logistics are accessible, flexible, scale able and support parallelism, security, good developer experience, collaboration, and deployment. Deployed model in production is accessible on web service end point on specific query. Models and meta data are stored in storage as serialized objects. Mechanisms of serialization and deserialization are developed in the process.

We are reinventing ourself to a better version, stay tuned!

You can please schedule meeting for knowing in the detail about any individual platform and service or can ask for presentation at the contact details.