Data Science


Brief of Data Science Approach

It is well known that Data Science is the logical combination of mathematics, statistics, information science, and computer science. Mathematics and statistics are at very core in base while machine learning is extensively used. We utilize different standard platforms (IBM Watson, Azure Machine Learning, Amazon Machine Learning, and Google Cloud Machine Learning) to implement machine learning. We utilize open source library as well. We utilize Natural Language Processing and Ontology wherever required. We use Python and Java programming languages (Wherever applicable) to develop the applications.

We use the following platforms and concepts,

  • IBM Watson Machine Learning.
  • Azure Machine Learning.
  • Amazon Machine Learning.
  • Apache Machine Learning.
  • Open source framework – Scikit. 
  • Google Cloud Machine Learning.
  • Natural Language Processing.
  • Ontology.

We develop data science projects using above mentioned platforms. We use Dockers and Kubernetes to create development and deployment framework for machine learning. We monitor the developed and deployed machine learning models on the production environment using IBM Watson Machine Learning studio.  

We are involved in small projects as well as enterprise projects.

We are reinventing ourself to a better version, stay tuned!

You can please schedule meeting for knowing in the detail about any individual platform and service or can ask for presentation at the contact details.